We’re passionate about making a difference. Our consultants get to work with many great people on really interesting projects – we enjoy collaborating with other thinkers and doers to achieve great results and contribute back to our community.

Here’s just a little teaser of some great ideas, projects and solutions we’ve worked on…


Adapting to change – how culture influences who we are

The roles:

Evaluation, analysis and facilitation roles as well as communication strategies

The challenge:

ContentPlus were invited to explore and document the experiences, ideas and perceptions of soldiers about their roles and their regiment. Soldiers were asked to talk about themselves and share ideas, participating in an exercise that was initially outside their comfort zone.

Through various workshops and discussion groups, the troops themselves revealed a fresh perspective on their own culture, challenging existing views of their world. This work documented both visual and written archetypes and provided recommendations for future interventions. The project was designed using Cognitive-Edge techniques.

Department of Education

Online learning

The roles:

Business analysis, project management, training and service support

The challenge:

The Contentplus crew has offered a number of online learning services over the past five years to key government departments. The crew has been responsible for the planning, training and evaluation of government’s online experiences across learning management systems, content management systems and other large enterprise database products.

Department of Treasury and Finance

Project management documentation - Building Management and Works

The roles:

Project manager, communication specialist

The challenge:

Building and Management Works provide support to all government agencies. In this project BMW were responsible for the development of an Architectural Brief guiding the development of new primary schools or additions and renovations to existing primary schools.

The project was complex and involved over 25 suppliers, several mechanisms for procurement and internal staff changes. The BMW project manager required support to map the project’s history as the agency had recently adopted Prince II Project Management Methodology.

ContentPlus provided analysis, risk management and project management support to ensure all key products, budgets, procurement as well as key decisions and dependencies of the project were documented. In addition, ContentPlus provided communication services in developing presentations and also editing support to ensure the final product matched the style guide requirements.

Office of eGov (now part of Public Sector Commission)

Communications plan for StrongFamilies website

Strong FamiliesThe roles:

Strategic planning, information architecture

The challenge:

StrongFamilies is a government initiative that brings family members and agency workers together to share information and develop plans to support families in improving their lives.

The initiative needed an online presence that would become the central information hub and resource kit for both agency workers and families. Contentplus worked with the StrongFamilies team to develop the strategic communications plan for their very first website and create a simple, user-centric information architecture to support and engage, two very different audiences.
Site designed and built by Equilibrium.
Office of Road Safety

Strategic vision 2008 – 2020

Office of Road Safety Strategy - 2008 - 2020The role:

Communications – writing, research and analysis

The challenge:

The Office of Road Safety who support the Road Safety Council WA, needed to develop the strategic vision for developing effective communication strategies to improve road safety and community engagement over the next 12 years.

The creative strategies used to translate statistics into powerful human stories encouraged over 5000 Western Australians to engage and comment on the discussion paper. This process is now being proudly showcased for international best practice in road safety consultation.

ContentPlus pulled together the results of the community consultation and academic research to write the strategy for the people. The focus was to provide engaging communication products that were easy to read and help motivate the community into action.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Resource guide for preparing the national communications of non-Annex I parties

UNFCCC Resource guideThe role:

Communications planning, instructional design, content mapping and project management

The challenge:

Every year, developing countries signed up to the UNFCCC framework must report on the steps they are taking to reduce their carbon emissions and address climate change. The reporting process is difficult for many countries because of capacity constraints and assumed detailed technical knowledge on climate change.

ContentPlus, in partnership with Coastal Zone Management, pulled together and managed a diverse team of researchers, writers and editors to:

  • develop a better user experience, through a coming up with a revised structure for the resource guide
  • drafting content for the resource’s vulnerability and adaptation module to adhere to the new structure and to the UNFCCC technical writing guidelines.

The Resource Guide has proved a vital tool in assisting developing countries to streamline their reporting requirements.