The right to be forgotten

June 8th, 2011  |  Handy hints, Privacy, Reputation

Think about all the people you’ve yet to meet? – Caro Kay.

We recently went on hols with a friend and her son from the UK. B was mucking around and pulling faces as any other teenage boy would do so I took a pic of him on my mobile phone.  He then froze on the spot and said “Oh please please Caro don’t put that one on facebook!”

It was time for THE CHAT.  Helping our kids to protect their image and understand that the use of social media sites such as Facebook have their downside as well as their upside.

I assured B that I would never put him into a situation where he would feel embarrassed.  That I felt that in the future he will do something special with his life and I did not want any photo, any comment, any story that I put about him on facebook to be stored and used against him at some point in the future. The delicious immediacy of Facebook is addictive and let’s face it desirable.  What we don’t always think of is the longevity of digital data and how it is being stored and may or maynot be used in the future.

With the latest security issue centred on Facebook’s apparent disregard for our privacy it is time to be increase our awareness that there are movements across the European Union and also the States to protect digital rights.  Under the apt title The right to be forgotten legislation is being forged to force companies such as Facebook, Google and many many others who hold our data to allow users (that’s us) to withdraw our information, our photos, our status comments all our bits and pieces from their websites (data holdings).

For more information on this, read the Reuters internet privacy article.

The final word is to remind ourselves to take responsibility on social media sites and to care for each other’s digital rights.


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